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The glamor of the writerly life:

Who told the general goldfish/dead poet gay bar/beatniks make delancey st. safe for communism story that it could be a grubby apartment time travel story?


Dammit, who!?

"L'esprit d'escalier"

New Words: 480
Total Words: 1,600
Pages: 9
Reason for stopping: End of scene, need to think about this more. Especially the damned fish.
Mammalian Assistance: Signy is naggy dog today, when Paladin isn't. Also, assistance from Marlowe and Mebd, and the ever intriguing problem of trying to keep the boycats from stealing Ollie's food and water.
Stimulants: coffee, but not enough of it
Exercise: Dancing around the house to Kirsty MacColl
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: Terry feeds him anyway, and then hurtles to catch his train.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Nancy Milford, Savage Beauty; James A. Hetley, The Summer Country
Books finished: Edward Gorey, The Unstrung Harp; Bruce Sterling,  Heavy Weather
Other writing-related work: Nothing

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