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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I have returned from the polls

in the suddenly interesting-as-never-before-to-the-major-parties-with-its-pathetic-five-elecoral-votes swing state of Nevada (We get Bill Clinton on Friday and Cheney on Monday. I've never felt so loved, even though I know they'll throw us over like the cheap whore we are as soon as we put out.) where I have cast my votes on a touch-screen voting machine for John Kerry, John Edwards, Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley, and a whole bunch of "none of the above" on the ballots. (We get "none of the above" as an option here. Some years, he wins.)

My polling place was at the local Safeway affiliate, where you can also buy hard liquor and play video poker. I was not challenged, the paper copy of my ballot said what it should say, and there were lines out the door when the polls opened at nine AM.

As I was driving home, the Thunderbirds flew over, wingtip to wingtip. They're still doing passes over the house. I choose to interpret this as a positive omen.

This is going to get innerestin', folks.


I'm kinda glad that early voting isn't available in my district. My polling place is my apartment building! (It makes it convienent.) They've actually delivered the voting machines, though. They're sitting in the lobby, waiting until Tuesday to be set up.

Tuesday is going to be an interesting day, to be sure.
One more vote from an informed citizen counted.

Definitely a good thing.
(Glad to hear you weren't hassled... and do they let you purchase liquor before you vote, or do they ask you to wait? ;-) )
They just won't let you drink it at the voting machine.

More's the pity.

I think you should ge ta shot for voting, personally.
Ahh, the voting drinking game.... Hey! I can play that game! I picked up my absentee ballot on Tuesday! Ooooooooh...
Here in West Virginia, also with 5 electoral votes, we've also been getting lots of visits from the candidates. (The fact that we border on two bigger swing states, Ohio and Pennsylvania, doesn't seem to hurt either.)

Glad to hear that your experience with the touch screens was positive. And the Thunderbirds are cool!
Yeah, but were you offered double or nothing, if you win?
I've already got nothing, so, yanno...
I voted yesterday, in the great state of "Bush has such a lock on this place no one's even bought local ad time" Tennessee. I do not envy you the campaigning overexposure. Don't think of it as being treated like a whore; think of it as being the elderly great-aunt with pots of money whose relatives only remember her at Christmas, with a sticky fruitcake. It's equally cynical, and yet it allows for the possibility of leaving it all to the Humane Society, instead of your ungrateful kinfolks.
allows for the possibility of leaving it all to the Humane Society, instead of your ungrateful kinfolks.

Would that be voting for Nader?
When I was in Pahrump, over the weekend, I saw definite evidence that the Democratic party was very active, which surprised me since Nevada is so Republican. They were out meeting and greeting people, handing out bumper stickers. Had quite a crowd gathered.

The Thunderbirds are awesome! Saw them practicing out over the desert one Thanksgiving as I was driving into Pahrump. I hope they are, indeed, the good omen you hope for. :)
So, did the machine print out a paper receipt?

I have this fantasy about electronic voting machines. After I cogitate for several minutes and carefully touch-screen my candidates and ballot issues, the machine accepts my choices, bleeps and blips for a moment, and then displays:

Investment Proposal from:
Dr. Eddy Bong
C/o Afri-Projects Consult Ltd.,
NO. 53 Opebi Road, Ikeja,
Lagos - Nigeria.


With due respect, trust and humility, I write you this proposal believing that it will receive the most desired attention from you even as we have not had any previous correspondence before...
It printed a paper copy of the ballot, but it stays with the machine. I got a hand-written voting receipt with a code number on it.
I'm kind of boggled by the idea of voting at Safeway, but I guess the good side of that is that there was somewhere to park and you could do your shopping afterwards.

4 more days here in MN, thank goodness, if I see another ad I'm going to scream...and I'm not talking about Bush and Kerry. The Twin Cities has 4 congressional districts, and the ads are getting vicious.