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Happy Nevada Day

Today is Nevada Day (celebrated), although Sunday is the actual 140th anniversary of Nevada to the United States of America as a full state (as opposed to a territory.) A little reductive math and a brief glance at an American History text will provide the curious with the reason for one of Nevada's official nicknames, "The Battle-Born State."

And the amusing fact that NV was admitted to the union on All Hallows Eve, 1864. It's somehow appropriate.

They changed the date of the holiday a couple of years back, to the last Friday in October. Alas. So sad.

ob. anecdote:

When I first moved out here, I was really amused by the whole concept of Nevada Day. My husband, a native Las Vegan, asked me, in all innocence, "Doesn't Connecticut celebrate the day it was admitted to the Union?"

"Yes," I said, and gave it a beat, because I am an asshole. "We call it 'Independence Day.'"

Why, yes. I do have culture shock. Still. (One of my friends has opined that I'm living Mark Twain's life in reverse. I certainly hope not: I'm really not all that keen on riverboats.)

ob. footnote:

(Nevada's other nickname is "the Silver State." [Well, okay, supposedly it's also "The Sagebrush State" but nobody actually calls it that.] Our state capitol is the only one in the union with a silver dome rather than a gold one, and there's a silver service there that saw service aboard the USS Nevada, a ship whose crew's courageous actions at Pearl Harbor are largely forgotten.)

Nevada's other contributions to history include the Upshot/Knothole Project, Wovoka and the Ghost Dance, the Anasazi "Lost City" (Pueblo Grande), the Kyle/Stewart range war, and the ghost city of Rhyolite.

Yes, there is a trend there.


It's thought by most that the Mojave doesn't have seasons, per se. I'm here to say that's slightly inaccurate information: I can tell autumn has arrived, because I wished I'd worn socks with my sandals this morning.

Also, I'm craving piroshkies. Definite sign of fall.

In other news, I seem to have sprained my wrist in my sleep.

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