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Progress Notes

It is the Buddha nature to bury the dead and fight like hell for the living.


progress notes for 02 November 2004

Untitled squicky wolfy collaboration thing that wants to be a novel

New Words: ~2685 (my half of 5370)
Total Words: ~25250
Pages: 106 (Jesus, we are cooking. No wonder my hands hurt)
Reason for stopping: bed or work or something
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd's sleeping on my desk right now.
Stimulants: Not nearly enough
Exercise: Wrestled the great Dane and would have won, too, if the mastiff hadn't decided to help
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: A fortnight of spring rains would have scene to it.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory , Nancy Milford, Savage Beauty; Allen Ginsberg, Collected Poems
Other writing-related work: none


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