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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Happy birthday, kelliem and hernewshoes.

God* bless us, every one.

(For suitably non-gender-specific iterations of God)


I'm going to make myself extremely unpopular with my friends list this morning and say I think Kerry made the wise choice by conceding... because, thank God, he's removed the administration's ability to point to the Dems as whiners and sore losers for another four fucking years.

I'm thinking in terms of a tactical withdrawal.


I thought about that, but it did seem like a poor consolation at the time.

Another friend of mine pointed out on LJ a few weeks ago that now when/if all the crap does hit the fan over Iraq, the economy, and other matters, the Republicans won't have Kerry to blame.
Not too unpopular -- if there was a reasonable chance that waiting would help, that'd be one thing, but in this case, you're right. And it saves the literally millions that were being held for recount costs for the Dem warchest for the next election.
Let's not talk about the last election, shall we? *g*
Hey, I respect your opinion on it. But I'd respect Kerry more if his campaign hadn't insisted that they were going to see every vote counted, and then turned around and bailed.
Ditto this one. At least they should've given everyone a couple more days. Bush got what, 36 days in '00???
In 2000, it was a lot closer and fraud was the issue. This hasn't been claimed here and it really wasn't that close.
It just shows the integrity of this man in the face of blustering politics. This is the man that I grew to respect and who earned my vote when I was going to hold my nose and vote for him because he wasn't Bush.


Besides, he would in no way make up the popular vote on a national level and isn't that what we have been whining about for four years? That is the general "we," BTW.
Oh - I don't know. I think he could have waited the - what? - 11 days that Ohio was claiming they'd need to finish counting. I agree that we don't want another Florida debacle, and that thrashing around might not get us anywhere but where we are right now. Still. Somehow it makes it all feel more like a popularity contest from a high school prez election than a country deciding its future.
Who says you weren't already unpopular? ;-)

But seriously, I agree with you. It sounds like it would have taken a miracle for him to win, and, as the Republicans like to tell us, God is not on the Democrats' side. This, I think, will let the left pull back and regroup with much more strength than a long, drawn out yet hopeless battle would have.
I think Kerry made the wise choice by conceding

Agreed. The election results make me ill, but conceding was the best choice. And my husband and I both commented how Kerry's conceding does not halt the vote counting in Ohio. Yeah, I know the absentee ballots won't change anything, but I like to see all the votes counted. Makes it proper, it does.

I'm not happy that he quit.

I *am* happy that he let the issue come to closure. I'm not sure this country could have handled even another day of uncertainty, of upheaval. Tempers are high. They'll continue to be high for a long time. But imagine this country as millions of people who haven't slept, who are cranky, who are lashing out at those who oppose them...

Okay, yeah, I'm exaggerating. But...

We needed the break; we needed the end. I hate that he quit and that we'll never know if there could've been a second Massachusetts miracle this yet. But I think he made the wise choice for the health of at least some of us people.

[Angry, but now it's over... and I can try to move on.]
While I think the tactical withdrawal may have been the right thing to do (I had resigned myself to the bad news last night), I'm under no illusion that this reduces or changes any R complaining. I hope you're not either.
'Happy birthday' is going to be tough today, but I will try to concentrate on the fact that the local elections mostly went my way this time. Silver linings. But thank you for the thought.
He could have gracefully, without whining, without claiming fraud, waited for those ballots to be counted.

I actually have real issues with this country's obsession with "closure," and their unwillingness to wait even a few days to know anything at all. As if not having to fidget a little were more important than doing things right.

It's like the whole nation has one huge case of ADD.
I'm thinking in terms of a tactical withdrawal.

I'm thinking you're thinking right.
Tactical withdrawal aside--I mean, this wasn't a war or anything, and it's not like Kerry would get another bite of the presidential apple tomorrow--it's still a tad disappointing.

Some real blunders were made in this election, starting with the fact that just about everyone allowing Bush to decide what "morals" are...and ending with: was the right guy nominated for the democratic party?

I think Kerry is done as a viable candidate for presidential office and unless Edwards gets a national forum to speak from, it appears he tied his political wagon to the wrong horse.

As I wrote in my own LJ, it'll be interesting to see what happens in the next election, since the current VP (usually the party nominee for the office of president) won't be available to run.

There'll be some interesting maneuvering in both parties in the next four years.
I admit that I cried when he actually said the words, but I also think he made the right decision. It was classy; it was tactical; it was the right thing to do. Much as I hate to see him give up.
I agree about Kerry. The only alternative to losing fast & clean was losing slow & ugly.
I see that you haven't made yourself nearly as unpopular as you expected. I agree with you, too. I wish that they (specifically Edwards) hadn't earlier said they'd hold out till the last vote was counted, but people often say things when they're exhausted and running on adreneline that seem ill-advised after a bit of rest and a big crash. Like Nixon 44 years ago (omighod I'm old), Kerry chose not to put the country through it.
I think Kerry made the wise choice by conceding...

I absolutely agree. This wasn't the time for a fight-it-out response. America will remember him fondly for sparing us that, and it will reflect well on the Democratic party.

Though I should probably quit making predictions, as my precognitive superpower seems to be broken this month.
it worked for Nixon.


Besides, Hillary's gonna need a running mate.
I've already seen people promoting a Clinton/Obama ticket.

To which I have to say that while I love Hilary and would vote for her, most of the country does not remember her fondly. I don't think she's elect-able.

I was extremely impressed with Obama. Enough charisma to choke a room full of conservatives (not that I wish that on anyone!), bright, articulate, photogenic. Mid-western.

I think the next Democratic Presidential ticket will need to be Southern/Midwestern. Us liberal coasties are just too marginal to represent the country.