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Just before our love got lost, you said "I am as constant as the northern star."

And I said, "Constant in the darkness? Where's that at? If you want me, I'll be in the bar."

It's amazing how much growing up looks like Bogey picking up that tow-rope and climbing back into leech-infested waters, isn't it?

Oh. This must be the middle of the novella that stubbornly decided to become a book. Little bastard.

Reach high
mean SHE´S
just means
She´s got a cellular
almost, ya know
in love.

progress notes for 04 November 2004

Squicky psychic animal companion fantasy with dire wolves:

New Words: 1305 (my half of ~2600)
Total Words: 31722. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The dreaded middle of the book! Already. This is the problem with collaborations--
Pages: 134
Reason for stopping: Ordering pizza, so pausing more than stopping
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe sitting on the mousepad. I think this may be it for Ollie; the other animals have started to hover.
Stimulants: club soda and oolong tea. separately
Exercise: dogwrestling. also, dancing
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: There's still time to screw something up!
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Nancy Milford, Savage Beauty;
Other writing-related work: Nothing. Except some slightly itchy poking at One-Eyed Jack

The WiP meme.... (one sentence from each Work in Progress)

Whiskey & Water

He had been lucky indeed to venture into Faerie and return sane--more or less--and lacking only his good right hand.

One-Eyed Jack

It involved a blow-dryer, and palmfulls of goop even stickier than the Brylcreem the American smeared into his hair, and the end result was actually brittle to the touch; the American, of course, stood there and laughed.

A Treachery of Princes
(Yes, this is still a WiP, and yes, I will finish writing it someday. Really.)

Its forests were fragrant with cassia and cinnamon, tangled with figs.

Unsuitable Metal (Formerly, A House of Masks)

A hundred queens and warriors and seductresses and sirens and storytellers lived under her skin.

"Beastie" (working title)

She left little packed divots of that earth behind as she walked forward, the boards springy under her step, all her attention focused on the sway of the causeway, the scent of the breeze off the land behind her, the blue of the river on either side.

"Marie Celeste" (working title)

The zeppelin Hans Glücker left Calais at 9:15 in the evening on a cold night in March, 1899.

Carnival (which may also be called The Festival of Meat)

Too valuable to risk.

Wulfcarl (Working title)

"No," Isolfr said, without looking up from the trencher they still shared, as he was intent on eating fast enough that Friðulf would not get all of the duck in late summer gooseberries this time.


We shall never surrender and even if, which I do not for the moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, will carry on the struggle until in God's good time the New World with all its power and might, sets forth to the liberation and rescue of the Old.</p>

   --Winston Churchill, Speech before Commons, June 4, 1940

I ran away with the circus
Because there's still some honest work
Left for bearded ladies.
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