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White cheddar cheese-its, breakfast of champions.

Heh. Gotta hit the ski machine, I think. Hmm. Turns out I'm actually hungry, though. More cheese-its are tempting, but I suspect unhealthful in the long run. Maybe an orange.

~1600 words on Treachery last night, and two crits this morning. I've figured out the next two scenes of Scardown, and it seems that Jenny suddenly wants to narrate the whole book by herself. I will have to go back and layer some scenes with the supporting characters in here, I think. In the mean time, I shall run with it. The nice thing about this kind of kaleidoscopic POV is that you can always move stuff around to make it fit better. So if Jenny wants a whole chapter all to herself, more power to her.

Grr. Argh.

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