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Well, apparently I have determined that the way to get a book to crystallize and get moving again is to declare it hopelessly stuck and throw up my hands and go work on something more fun. ~4,100 words on Scardown today, bringing me to 197 pages, of which 195 are, in fact, congruent. I need to find some good character bits for a bunch of the secondary characters to get them a little more screen time, but what hey, draft. Hello, draft!

Got to write a scene today where I clobber the whole wide world with my symbolism stick. D.H. Lawrence, watch out!

Oh, and 199 words on Treachery, which seems to be getting mixed reviews from "this is very, very, very good" to some that are moderately happy to a couple that are like "eh, whatever." I like mixed reviews; mixed reviews are good. I've noticed that the stronger and more varied the response to anything, the better chance I have of selling it--and the better a writer I become, the more my response strays from "This is good" to more wildly varying opinions.

Odd, isn't it?

Viva la online crit group. They certainly have a wondrous way of making me realize where I tripped. Or where they tripped, which amount to the same thing.

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