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coalescent on Five Space Operas ("New," or otherwise)

I'm particularly amused by the "New-X" subgenre thing this week, because my Beloved Editor (Hi, Anne!) referred to HAMMERED in print as "New Cyberpunk."


And here I wanted to be "New New Wave."

(I'm still sticking with Eco-Gothic, personally, because it covers the fantasy as well as the SF.)

bookshop comments on on growing up Southern Baptist and the conservative Christian agenda. Good stuff, and it correlates well with my experience with some of the Southern side of my family. Including one relative, whose exact relationship to me will be concealed for reasons of familial peace (although, as Benedict of Amber once memorably put it, I have chosen, largely, to absent myself from felicity)) who has been described ironically as a "Tennessee Liberal."

If you don't know what a Tennessee Liberal is, it's somebody who only wants to shoot all the (insert racial, sexual, or other slurs of your choice) in America.

Which is not intended as a slight to the great state of Tennessee, mind you. Nice mountains, and I saw a lynx there once.

In a complete aside, I saw The Incredibles on Saturday, and would have enjoyed it more if it weren't for the transparent gender stereotyping (why are female movie characters so often focused on nothing but the insular world of their living room?) which also means that I saw the Episode III trailer.

And I have a dark sense of unease.

Which is not to say that it wasn't a great trailer. It was a great trailer. And Oooo, Wookiees! Wookieeeeeeeeees! Chewie! Huzzah! (No medal for Chewie! Gyp! Speciesism! If Leia doesn't want to get in your pants, no medal for you. No, you either, Wedge. You're not good looking enough.)

But I'm afraid, like the trailer for The Avengers, it's a kick-ass trailer presaging a terrible movie.


Well, because the reason it's a kick-ass trailer is because it's mostly composed of Alec Guinness. Who is, alas, unlikely to have a large role in this particular movie. And action shots, and the action sequences haven't exactly been the problem with Episodes I & II.


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