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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

rosamund found a W.H. Auden poem that sort of encapsulates One-Eyed Jack. Dams! Spies! Deserts! Gunfire! Heck yeah.

Progress Notes for 13 November 2004 (a day late; there was partying last night, with meatballs and bad chianti)

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 917
Total Words: 61,707
Pages: 275
Reason for stopping: Had to go cook, and my shoulder was acting up
Mammalian Assistance: Mebd, the cat who snores when she purrs. Or vice versa.
Stimulants: Not nearly enough tea
Exercise: Dancing around the house to Jann Arden & The Tragically Hip while cooking.
Mail: Locus, and a contract from Lenox Avenue
Tyop du jour: The iron hasn't been lost on me, all these years.
Darling du jour: I was out of practice, but being dead does wonders for your breath control.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory
Other writing-related work: Book-geeking with Steve and Dylan, while the rest of the party abandoned us to talk about... um. Computer games?


Jann Arden & The Tragically Hip

Hey, wait a minute. Are you from the Great White North?
No, but I'm musically multicultural. *g*

In fact, I have a Kate & Anna McGarrigle CD riiiight here....
(one of us. one of us.)

gabba gabba we accept you........
Mebd reminds me of my old cat Thumper (so named because he was so big that tapping him on the side sounded like tapping on r ripe watermelon). Not only did the damn cat snore, loudly, all night and all day long, but he was the only cat I've ever met who passed audible gas. Considering that this cat was so big that my then-two-year-old-niece was able to ride him like a pony, we shouldn't be surprised.
...that's a big cat.
Well, he weighed about 30 pounds when he died, and that wasn't fat: he was A BIG Cat.
From what I've heard, the secret to a nice chianti is having it with farva beans and someone's liver. I forget who told me that though...

(he says, hoping people get the movie reference...)

Auden Poem

The Auden poem was loosely adapted and set to music by the band Garbage. The song is "#1 Crush." Check it out.

As far as I know, this song is not on any of the Garbage albums, but was featured on the soundtrack for the 1996 movie Romeo + Juliet.

Re: Auden Poem

That would have to be one of the loser adaptations in history.

Sort of like the remake of DOA. ;-)

Re: Auden Poem

Maybe... but since I have that CD, I recognized the lyrics from the song when I read the poem. (The movie was wretched, I am told -- I just liked the snippets from some of the soundtrack I kept hearing. Mainly bought the album for the Garbage song.)

Re: Auden Poem

Um, yeah -- just the sonnet is Auden. The rest is the Garbage song, which she was Listening to.


Re: Auden Poem

I see the music note now, didn't before... but where exactly does she indicate that the poem ends and the lyrics begin? She doesn't.

So Liz, scratch that. Apparently Auden's sonnet does not contain the same lyrics, though from the provided quote it appears that way.