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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I said in these shoes? I don't think you'd survive.

I stumbled across something interesting while egosurfing this evening. On Paul Youll's website, a sneak preview of the cover art for Scardown--but shhh, I don't think I'm supposed to have seen this yet.


And here's a detail shot.


Notice the insignia on the jacket sleeve. Umm... and the belt buckle. *g*

Although I'm not sure of the utility of that top in microgravity. ;-) Although I bet all my friends in the CAF are wishing right now they'd switch to purple leather uniform pants.

(and if you missed the Hammered cover somehow, the art is here:


and detail here:


Thanks, Paul!


I have a book of Youll's art (mainly because he does a lot of Turtledove's covers). I didn't realize he was doing yours, too. (Hopefully the covers will be in a future volume of his!)

I think the most striking thing about these particular covers, for me, is the way he uses color values. They pop very nicely--especially the embossed/glossy cover flats I have for HAMMERED.

Hopefully the target audience will find them zippy, too. *g*
Spiffy. Paul does good work, no?

And those details are wonderful. You'll never be able to see what they are on a pb cover, so why shouldn't he have some fun with them?
I was positively laughing out loud with delight when I realized he'd snuck the CAF Master Warrant Officer's sleeve insignia in there.

Also, the purple suit is canonical, although it's not a uniform in the book. I bet Sperry would swap his rifle green for royal purple in a heartbeat, though.... *giggles*

The colors are fabulous.
For WORLDWIRED, if the heels get higher and the cleavage gets lower, they might meet in the middle... *g*

I have to admit, this cover is making me want a pair of purple leather pants.

'Cause *everybody* needs a pair of purple leather pants....
Purple leather pants and a tub of grease, for getting into them.


stillsostrange! Pass the Astroglide!
*g* I traditionally used Astroglide (or Slippery Stuff) to keep the thighs on my latex catsuit from squeaking. Although, alas, I don't precisely fit into said latex catsuit any longer...

I've always thought silk and leather was a good combination, personally.
You can buff my ego any time....
I like how the gun gets bigger with each cover. In the third book, it'll be bigger than HER. :)

Very cool art.

Nah -- BFG-9000!!
Actually what I noticed (professional interest) was the sheer impracticality of the pistol. Even in a microgravitic environment the mass is too far forward, and it won't be manageable.

With real gravity... too heavy out front.

End of geekery.

The guns (both of them) are *seriously* silly.

I will note that all firearms appearing in the actual text are of manageable size and design, and are at least similar in functionality if no calbre to those occasionally fired by the author, a woman of slightly above-average size--except the ones I've used didn't have, yanno, palmlocks.
I usually write off silly drawings as artistic license, and assume, until shown otherwise, the writer isn't making the same mistakes.

Though I did recently have a huge snort-fest. Weber and Ringo made a mistake. The friend who lent me the most recent told me to pay attention, and see if I saw the mistake. I thought it was going to be some difficult bit of arcana, relating to the sailing/working of the ship.

Nope. They reversed the rate of deflagration (which is to say the burn rate) between black-powder and smokeless, saying the black had a much harder kick.

Having fired buffalo guns, at both period pressures, and with modern loads (in modern rifles) I know, on a personal level; not merely intellectual, that this ain't so.

Oh, for a copy editor.

The detail shot on _Hammered_ -- I'd hate to have to fire that pistol one-handed. Looks _very_ muzzle-heavy.

(Picky, picky, picky.)

The cleavage question reminds me of some female PI who stripped to distract a perp so her backup could nail him -- can't remember the character name or author....
*g* It *doesn't* look much like Jenny's actual pistol, I will admit.
Modesty Blaise - 'the Nailer' - she goes in stripped to the waist and as the bad guys gape, Willie Garvin picks them off (throwing knives, probably). They used this strategy on several occasions. (Oops, I've just revealed my detailed acquaintanceship with this oeuvre...)
Thank you. That's the one.




He's not reading this, is he? (Checks under couch)
Never mind the gun factor improbability -- CAF and purple leather? Purple LEATHER??!?? *boggle* The official Crown inquiry would last YEARS. (PM's popularity'd probably go up, tho'.) *g*
I didn't realize that Scardown was about fetish modelling!

(ducking and running as fast as I can.)