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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Hal-le-lu-jah. I like my book again.

Progress notes for 15 November 2004

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 1,722
Total Words: 65,500 
Pages: 292
Reason for stopping:  Such a nice round number. Also, I killed off a character today, and I feel pretty good about it.
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe is on my mousepad, Mebd is sleeping in the window, and Paladin is asleep on my feet. Also, Marlowe has been washing Signy's ears, which is always so cute I could puke.
Stimulants: mulled cranberry juice, and just now a Fat Tire Amber Ale
Exercise: None, but in my defense, I do have a cold
Mail: SCIFICTION contracts
Tyop du jour: He didn't cop the gun. (or) cement-and-steal
Darling du jour: It's still the damned American. He's darling-proof.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory
Other writing-related work: Lots of thinking about this plateau I've been wrestling, and seem finally about to kick.


makes me want to kill a few more!
I like the part of the book in which I feel like I like the book again, so to speak. It's a damn good thing no one actually pays me to post to LJ <wry g>.
Do you get Dreaded Middle Of The Book syndrome? Because for me, generally everything between 35K and whenever the explosions start always seems to be this long, endless slog of shuffling chess pieces around while trying to make it interesting....
Do you get Dreaded Middle Of The Book syndrome?

Everyone I know gets the middle of the book syndrome, including me -- it's different for all of us, but in mine, I usually begin to hate the entire thing, and develop a certainty that it All Sucks. My spouse now covers his ears and basically repeats the whole thing from memory and says I always say this, and always at the same part of the book. For me, that's usually about 100K in, though. (For the record, I usually tell my spouse, but this time it's true, and he says I always say that too.
Oh, my god.

We married the same man!
Oh, my god.

We married the same man!

LOL!!! I have no idea why I even try to drink anything liquid when I'm reading LJ posts. It's often unexpectedly painful.

Complete aside: I've heard rumours that you might be making your way Toronto-ward after Hammered is published, in which case, I'll almost certainly cross your path.
Awesome. I actually saw you several times at Worldcon, but you were always with editors, so I left you alone. *g*
Cheering on the book as I trundle past under my load of kafuffle...
Tote that bale...

what is kafuffle, anyway?
CS Lewis and his brother had a whole secrit language when they were boys, and one of their words was kafuffle (their spelling though I have seen it kerfluffle and kerfuffle elsewhere) meaning the loads of annoying chores that clutter up the day.
You are an education, madame. *g*
YAY COSBY!!!!!!!
disturbing, I tell ya.