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Progress notes for 16 November 2004

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 1962
Total Words: 67,462
Pages: 300 *confetti*
Reason for stopping:  End of scene
Mammalian Assistance: There's a mastiff between my knees, which is not as kinky as it sounds.
Stimulants: Soon, there will be barbecue.
Exercise: None, alas.
Mail: Just that review
Tyop du jour: his hands lopped around them
Darling du jour: Reassuring. It looked like he meant to clean it, rather than kneecap me before he took it apart.
Books in progress: Haven't read a word other than to review or for work in a week, if I'm honest.
Other writing-related work: two crits on the Orkshop, bringing me to a nice round lifetime total of 800. (It's closer to 1300, but I was on for a year or two before they started tracking)

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