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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Progress notes for 20 November 2004

One-Eyed Jack
New Words: 2260
Total Words: 75,464 
Pages: 335
Reason for stopping:  Time to pause, and think
Mammalian Assistance: A few cuddles in passing from Marlowe. Not much.
Stimulants: Club soda
Exercise: Grating six pounds of beets by hand
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: the Dracula think, swooning rapture, better than sex.
Darling du jour: And John Henry hefted his hammer, and smiled like he was never going to stop.
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory
Other writing-related work: Poetry, god help me.

Cauldron Knowledge

Use whatever
vegetables you have;
don't fear improvisation.
Give the onions enough time alone to grow sweet in the pan.

Grate the beets in the sink.
The red beets make it beautiful.
They will also stain your hand.
Don't grate your thumb.

It's not vegetarian;
it has my blood in it.
Don't be afraid of the strength
of your own right arm.


Love that. Beautiful poem.
Thank you. Would you like to see my boo boo? *g*
Really good poem!
ooo. your icon is the chromatic bookstore art emplacement. Huzzah!

And thank you.
I like that. There should be more poems about cooking and the small things in life.
Apparently, the key to poetry is grating one's thumb. *g*

My Best Poem is about making banana bread:

grating one's thumb.

You don't have to take the injuction to "suffer for one's art" quite so literally. *g*

The banana bread poem was, indeed, very very good. Thought provoking, moving, evocative, concrete -- everything a poem should be. I salute your poetic prowess.
Great poem! BTW, I read your story in InterZone yesterday and enjoyed it very much.
Complete with typo? *g*

Thank you! I just got my contrib copy and re-read it last night. The artwork is so very spiffy....

Everything reads better with artwork, I find.
Oooh, yes. Except when they depict one's clearly described slate-roofed cottage as thatched, which happened to one of my stories. *g*

I must look out for your IZ story. Will try to remember to buy the magazine at the next con I go to, which is the only place I see it.
Oh, see, I don't even *worry* about accuracy. *g* Otherwise I'd still be on about the CAF and purple leather uniform pants.
It's not vegetarian; it has my blood in it.

As a vegetarian, I found this hysterical!
I like the poem.

I've never grated beets. Slivered, sliced and diced, but never grated.

And I always wory for my fingers.

*sends borscht*

I use sliced beets.

And cabbage, and home-made vegetable stock (or beef stock).

Maybe when I get home.

Sometimes I used sliced beets too.


Hungry now....