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Progress notes for 25 November 2004

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 1886
Total Words: 83,086 
Pages: 368
Reason for stopping:  Time to go get my holiday rag on.
Mammalian Assistance: a Visitation from Mith, who snuggled and is now sleeping in the sun on my desk, and Marlowe on the mousepad as is his wont.
Stimulants: Chai! Chai! Chai!
Exercise: Cooking, and lots of it.
Mail: nope
Tyop du jour: Up at the Valley of Fire, there's an overhand called Atlatl Rock.
Darling du jour: --and damn, he was light as thistledown, a leather sack of bones and knotted silk scarves and no flesh at all to speak of--
Books in progress: Reading? What's that?
Other writing-related work: None.

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