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We just got some bad news. Steve Brust was supposed to be joining us for Thanksgiving; he just called to let us know he couldn't make it, because he's been hospitalized for IV antibiotics because he has an eye infection that wasn't responding to oral antibiotics.

He's fine, and will probably be out by the end of the weekend, and I believe his roomate is looking after his pets. However, I do know that a bunch of people on my reading list are also friends of his, and since Kit and I are going into visit him tomorrow, I thought I'd offer--if anybody wants to send him holiday condolences or get well wishes, email them to me at bear at tuginternet dot com by, say, one PM Pacific tomorrow, and I'll print them off and take them in with me.

I'm sure he'd appreciate the thoughts; nothing like spending your effing Thanksgiving eating hospital food.


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