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Well, crap. I'm pooped.

One-Eyed Jack

New Words: 3,693
Total Words: 91, 163 (100K manuscript)
Pages: 404
Reason for stopping:  DONE! That's a draft, ladies and gentlemen. One with lots of bits of wire and crap sticking out, and several bits of the resolution unsupported in the first half, and several things that dead-end midbook, but there it is.
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe snuggles, Signy pokey, and Mith begging for cheese.
Stimulants: Tea. And a beer.
Exercise: None
Mail: omail
Tyop du jour: Coyboy boots
Darling du jour: Tribute leaned over the cement wall on folded arms, watching gray and gold silhouette the lumpy outline of Frenchman's Mountain like a man watching the glow from a nuclear meltdown creep across a dark night sky.
Books in progress: It is to laugh
Other writing-related work: I think that was enough, frankly....

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