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So if OEJ was at 50K at the beginning of the month, and it's at 100K now, does that make me a retroactive NaNoWriMo participant?

Boy, it's nice to be finished, especially since I haven't hit post-novel ennui yet. (Post-novel ennui is my term for that hideous sensation of your brain having been scraped out with a pot scrubber that you get after finishing a novel. It may be postponed this time because of all the work I already know I have to do on this book to get it into "bookness." So it doesn't feel 'done' yet.)

On the other hand, what's satisfying is that while I know very clearly that the draft is structurally broken (Since I sort of changed my mind halfway through as to some of the things that were going on, thematically and plotwise), I also know *how* it's broken, and I know how to fix it, I think. It's such a lovely feeling to be conscious of my own competence in this case, especially while I'm still waiting for editorial comment on Worldwired (and I have comments from two lovely betareaders to include when I do the final edit on that one, in addition to whatever Anne comes back with.)

It's nice to feel like a capable professional. For a little while. Until the next great Plateau of Suck spreads out before me, anyway. I can enjoy this pleasant little downslope of knowing what the hell I'm doing, for a while.

Actually, my head is full of thoughts about Carnival, which is annoying, because it's not what I want to write next.

But Whiskey & Water isn't ripe yet either, and there's the wolfie book to finish, when truepenny is ready to get back to it.

But still. I've finished eleven novels, not counting juvenilia, but counting a collaboration. That feels like a pretty solid number of books to have written, even if I haven't managed to *sell* a book this year. It's starting to amount to "a body of work."

On the other hand, I still have ideas in my head for at least eleven more, several of which are started or in various stages of progress. So I expect I won't run out of material for some time yet. Still can't get hit by that truck--too much work to do!

And I did meet my goal of getting two novel drafts finished this year, despite rather a lot of faffing about. So, all in all, the verdict is satisfaction, and a comfortable cushion of completed work under me, so I can take my time and breathe deep centering breaths while I wait for Carnival or Whiskey & Water to sort itself out.

And then there's all those other books to write, after those....

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