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Link Salad (jig to the above)

First: It is World AIDS Day. HIV is an issue for everyone.

(via supergee) New Social Security Plan Allows Workers To Put Portion of Earnings on Favorite Team. Via the Onion, still America's best source for news.

pecunium talks about a CBS/UPN decision not to air ads for the United Church of Christ because they are "too inclusive."

In part, pecunium says, The executive branch is against gay marriage, so a church which is for inclusion, and makes a very quiet ad about it (if you blink the reference to gays will slip right past you) is told it's too controversial.

I am becoming more nervous every day.

You and me both, Terry.

(And if you're not reading his journal, you should be.)

Sisyphus Shrugged has it too.

In other news, South Africa's Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage. principle, same-sex marriages could now be recognised but various statutory stumbling blocks, which regulated marriage, still had to be sorted out.

Meanwhile, in a reversal of three decades of government policy that protected all wild horses, a provision appended to an omnibus spending bill by Montana Senator Conrad Burns last weekend would allow wild horses rounded up by the BLM to be slaughtered, rather than offered for adoption.

So I woke up this morning, Ukraine was a bastion of democracy, South Africa was a beacon of civil rights, Arlen Specter was under fire for his liberalism, and Spock's goatee is filling in nicely.

And as a slight remedy to the above, Dr. Fun offers The Tiniest Turducken. I'm a geek. I snarfed. I'm not too proud to admit it.

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