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The Plan

Xena lived!

Bruce Holland Rogers' Short Short Short story subscription service. (Reminded of it because I really liked this month's one)

In other news, I made kelliem's pieroshki recipe Friday. My god. Perfect crust. And I suck at pastry. Although I used my traditional "work through the leftovers" technique for the filling, and they wound up turkey/caramelized onion/sundried tomato. And very good. (I also made the more traditional savory carrot ones. Filling needs more salt next time. maybe a little dill or something. Whups.)

Reading 1crowdedhour's A Scholar of Magics. Watched three episodes of The Avengers back to back this week. Still have no brain, but I do have ideas for Carnival chasing around my head. Thanks to katallen and stillsostrange, I may have figured out the shiny SFnal idea it needed.

But I'm on vacation until January, unless I get mugged by short stories. Which would be good, because the short story inventory is looking a little thin these days. Then, revise One-Eyed Jack and send it to Jenn, hopefully get notes from Anne so I can revise Worldwired, finish a draft of A Companion to Wolves with truepenny (once she's caught up on her deadlines), and then either work on Carnival or, if, by then, I've sold something else, revisions on the Something Else.

Also, there's the other nine books in the queue. (Proposals available on request, although I suspect I'll write them anyway, sold or unsold.) *g* So many novels. And so little time.

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