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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

You can't fool me, young man! It's turtles, turtles, turtles all the way down.

In non turtle-related, uncontroversial news, Happy Chanukah and also-- Well, it's not quite right to wish anyone a happy Pearl Harbor day. But maybe a moment of silence is in order all around.

It's been a weird week. Everybody at work is out sick, so my hours have spiked, and my workload while there, as well. And we had a power failure late Monday that apparently put paid to my systems files, so Tuesday was Emergency Recovery day. (It seems to have worked)

Eris is obviously having some fun with me.

In turtle-related news, the cats have discovered the turtle.

Lo, let there be windmills.


Heh. I know you don't believe in it, but did you know Mercury just went retrograde a few days ago? :-)
I don't think Mercury in retrograde explains random turtlings.

That's more likely the fact that the abandoned animal network has warchalked my aura "SUCKAH!"
Nope, wouldn't explain the turtling, but the computer, oh yeah. :-)
The computer's been misbehaving for a month and a half. and our power is always spotty here. I suspect the outage was the last straw.
It occurs to me that the turtle's situation, however, could be explained by mercury in retrograde. *g*


Someone I knew once had a turtle (dunno what sort). She liked to bang her shell on the tile floor in the bathroom. The cats were afraid of her.

When the owner moved into her own apartment (more room), the turtle got a kid's wading pool in the living room, with a ramp in and out.

Re: turtles

what a GREAT bit of detail.

De Chelonian Mobile.
If only we could get ursulav to illustrate that.