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We saw Blade:Trinity yesterday. It was predictably Not Very Good, although stuff did blow up, and there were many lingering crotch shots of Wesley Snipes. Also, still want his trenchcoat.

The one thing I want to single out for comment, however, was the character of Hannibal King, played by an actor I've never heard of before, Ryan Reynolds (And his very lovely cut groin. If there's a Rocky Horror Picture Show remake in the works, I think his abs should get the part. Huminah.)

I think his character sums up nicely everything that frustrated me enormously about later seasons of Buffy. To wit, this is what Xander should have become, if the characters had been allowed to, yanno, develop. A snarky, savagely sarcastic, bitterly funny vampire hunter with a biting wit and a sardonic grin.

This one character--and the odd, tender moment between him and Jessica Biel, very nearly at the movie's end, where she says "I brought your toys."--made the movie for me. This is what Xander should have become, if the Forces Behind Buffy had had the balls to move beyond miscommunication plotlines, and let the characters grow as their situations changed, instead of feeling the need to bloody reset them to the same angst constantly.

In turtle news: Chopped Lettuce=Yes, Chopped Salmon=No. Also, he's responsive, which is cool--he'll come up to the glass and interact if you put your fingers against the tank and wiggle them.


In other, unhappier news, I'm noticing a lot of desperation and despair on the flist about two things: finances, and what I've taken to referring to in my head as the Homosexual/Religious Drama drama. There's not a lot to say; things are bad, they're bad all over, and the last time I can remember it being this hard to make ends meet was in the early '90's right after I got out of school. It's a hang in there and keep plugging sort of thing, and frankly, I don't expect improvement in the near future--at least, not for those of us who are in the trenches.

As for the other thing... well, we *can* do something about that. Which is continue writing books and short stories featuring irreverent takes on religious topics, and queer characters (that's queer in the inclusive sense) in positive roles, and patronize queer-friendly (Hell, even queer-exploitative, which is my personal definition of QEftSG) entertainment and media.

And be vocal. And stay vocal, even when it's scary. And it's going to get scary. And the people who don't want to hear our voices are going to try to silence us.

Don't let them.
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