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domystic offers a marvelous story about potatoes, Gandhi, and inner peace.

Also, Sarah Monette has posted the cover art for her novel Mélusine at her website.

Jacket design by Judith Lagerman
Jacket illustration © Judy York

link to original page here

She's my co-writer on the unsold YA historical mystery featuring Kit Marlowe and on the unfinished squicky wolf book, winner of the 2003 Spectrum award for short fiction, and a damned fine lady.

Also, it's another book for that well-known hole in Alabama that's been in the news so much today. One of the protagonists likes bacon, so I hear.

Ah, well. As arcaedia once told me, hardcovers burn better than paperbacks.

Gorgeous cover. Although I had no idea Felix looked that much like Fabio.

You can pre-order her excellent book (I've read it two and a half times, so I can say that) here. Alas, Chapters doesn't have it listed yet.
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