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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Excellent Nightline last night on Ukraine, including the possibility that Yuschenko was poisoned. Koppel does his usual bangup job of showing both sides of the issue, including interviews with Ukrainians on both sides, Vladimir Posner's analysis of the situation (and the old man has gotten catty, now that he's free to speak his mind), an FBI toxicologist, and a UN election observer.

There are links off the Nightline web page, here--


--but the Reuters links off the Nightline page aren't nearly equal to the coverage. Worth trying to get a videotape, if you missed it.


Yeah, it was interesting.

Good to see Posner again and talking to Koppel.

Posner's book was a good peek into someone around IK's generation.
And Koppel just delighted to be talking to Posner. *g* A lot of history under the bridge, between those two.
Wish I'd caught it - I haven't seen Posner in ages. Brings back memories (of my near-brush with a Sov career)...

There's been some good bloggage of the poisoning coverage at Orange Ukraine, if you haven't seen it.
Posner's cheerful snarking at Putin alone would have been worth the price of admission.

Thanks for the link!
It's entirely likely that he was poisoned. I knew someone in Kazakhstan who used to poison people for criticising her singing. The political process has somewhat higher stakes, so....
*nod* Well, the FBI toxicologist was pretty convincing. Even if you didn't like the before-and-after shots....
There's also an interesting article in the latest New Yorker (http://www.newyorker.com/main/magazine/). Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be on-line, but it's by Andrey Slivka, and is entitled "Orange Alert: Revolution in Ukraine".

And OMG, Yuschenko has totally been poisoned. Who did it and with what toxin, I don't know. But good godfrey cambridge, the man is clearly a victim of chemical terrorism.


The best theory I've heard so far is dioxin poisoning.

and here I am writing a book with ricin pellets in it and thinking "It's nice to know the state of the art has advanced." :-P