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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

John Perry Barlow's bags were illegally searched in San Francisco. He's suing.

(via tafkar)


Damn' right, too! Go him!

It almost makes me wish I were travelling in the US and that I were stopped by security. Oh dear gods, what a stink I (as a non-national) could kick up. And I so would.
As a non-national, you would be treated much worse and, if lucky, deported immediately (and not necessarily to your country of origin either).

It is quite likely that if they thought you might create a stink, holding you indefinitely and without any form of communication would become a matter of national security. As would the information that they were even doing so.
::snort:: I would love to see them try. I am Irish and from what I understand of US politics, they would not dare to create an "incident" with an Irishwoman; it would cause so much bad publicity - and believe me, the minute I got out of custody, the story would be hitting the media.

Then again, the chances of me getting to the US any time soon, let alone having anything in my luggage that security might take issue with, are slim to none.
Thank you for pointing this out.

I'm sorry

The 4th amendment has been under assault since Berger/Rehnquist joined the court during Nixon's administration.

Now the stakes are higher. While this fight is important, I'd not count on the courts to uphold his rights.

I'm quite pessimistic.