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So, katallen made me this very funny icon (it's even funnier if you know the context), I suspect out of screencaps provided by bluster.  Thank you both.

Fifteen years in the fashion industry, and Illya still can't get his damned tie straight....

Got my line edits for "Two Dreams on Trains" from Jed at Strange Horizons today, and sent them back. Jed gives good line edit. He says the story should be up in early Jauary, and "The Follow Me Light" is scheduled for SCIFICTION on January 12th. So next year, apparently, my goal is to "beat January." It's like the reverse of the live frog thing.

I'm reading Sisters of the Raven and pretending my brain may refill if I leave it alone long enough. There's a Christmas party with kit_kindred's fellow teachers tonight. I expect to be bored to tears, but something interesting may happen.

I just never have anybody to talk to at grownup parties. *g*

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