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bear by san

December 2021



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bear by san

I'm blessed!

I'm going to need a holiday to recover from my holiday. *flops*

retrobabble, kit_kindred, Sharon and self attended the Sunday Morning Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues yesterday. (Let me hear you say, "I'm blessed!") Grits and Jesus, how can you go wrong?

If I ever became a Christian, it would be a Gospel congregation. I'm just saying. That would get me into church. And when enough people shout "I'm blessed!" at the same time, you start to believe it.

And it's not a bad thing to believe, really, because once it starts to get under my skin--"I'm blessed!"--it tends to chip away at my sense of entitlement. And also my tendency to focus on the negative rather than acknowledge the good in my life. Which may make me more likely to pass some of those blessings along to people who need them as much, or more, than I do, because, let's face it--I don't deserve to be blessed any more than the next guy.

That's the nature of being blessed. Blessings aren't earned; they're bestowed.

Because no, my life's not perfect. But it's better than it has been at times, and some things about it are positively wonderful. And I'm in a position to work to make it better, for myself and others. I'm blessed.

Get a whole room full of people shouting it, and you might start to believe it too. And let those blessings overflow.

It's been an astoundingly busy news weekend. I'm still trying to parse my reactions to the tremendous death toll in and around Southeast Asia in the wake of the 9.0 earthquake there. A shrug, a gesture. The planet lifts her shoulder and lets it fall.

We say, "That's the biggest one in forty years," but... forty years is nothing, an eyeblink.

It brings home to me again how arbitrary the hand of nature is, and how powerless we are to do anything about it on this scale. We can destroy, quite effectively, quite arbitrarily--intentionally, or through neglect and denial. Healing is something else again; there is simply no way to cope with a disaster of this magnitude, not with out current technology and focus.

But you know, we can cause one. With a shrug, a gesture.

We are so much more fragile than we realize. And that's science fiction. That fragility. That uncertainty.

And on that note, pir_anha reports on a potentially hazardous NEO.

On another note entirely, Ukraine's elections appear to have gone smoothly; other former Soviet states provide an unwelcome contrast.

Japan mulls female Imperial succession.

And in Iraq, to extend the metaphor, the bad news continues. I really don't know how we're going to get out of this one; quagmire doesn't begin to cover it. The anti-US elements will kill who they have to to prevent us from governing effectively, or instituting what they see as a puppet government. (Keeping my own feelings out of it for the meantime.)

It's much easier to disrupt a system than repair it. Laughably easy, in fact. They can break things much faster than we can stabilize them. Assuming our 'stabilizing' is fixing, and not breaking of a more subtle kind.

Equilibrium is fragile.

And I am blessed.


Lovely post. It's good, being blessed.
It is. It also brings home to me that when I suffer some setback, most of the time it's not anything I did to deserve it. It's just the other hand taking away.

This is a weird sort of realization for me, because it's so much the antithises of the ACOA/abuse survivor paradigm. I wonder if this is what AA means when they talk about accepting that one is powerless to control one's addiction.

Wow. Freaky.
I'm blessed, too. My brother in law went home to Sri Lanka for Christmas and, incredibly, his whole family is alive.
How fortunate for him, and for you. I hope they continue safe.
Not just imperial succession; somebody entered a bill in the British Parliament to end male primogeniture before William has kids, so the crown can just go to his oldest child, regardless of gender: http://politics.guardian.co.uk/constitution/story/0,9061,1370194,00.html
Cool! Thanks!
replace "Blessed" with "Love" and you sort of sum up my feelings perfectly.

in fact, "blessed" is just another form of love, isn't it?

In a lot of ways, it probably is...

I admire your brand of Christianity. I have to say.
And on that note, [info]pleonastic reports on a potentially hazardous NEO.

A more cynbical person might think the bombing was to prevent someone who would kick the U.S. out.

The target happens to be a close affiliate of Iran (the head of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq).

I happen to think it was Sunni radicals, afraid of Shi'ite radicals.

*appoints pecunium head of the Secret Police*