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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I do solemnly swear not to check my Amazon sales rank more than once a day....

It's officially publication day. I are a novelist! Wheee!

In other news, catvalente (novelist Catherynne M. Valente) is seeking opinions as to whether she should write an online serial subscription novel for a dual purpose: to support disaster relief for tsunami survivors in Southeast Asia, and to pay for getting her dog home from Japan, where her husband is stationed.

It would be a Good Deed to sign up, and pledge ten dollars. Where else are you going to find an original novel that cheap (she gets published in hardcover)?


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#14,853 at 7 30 AM central time.

I suppose this is encouraging you to backslide.

Congradulations on publication day!
It was in four digits most of the day yesterday, and made it down to the high six thousands at one point. I don't want to start expecting those sorts of numbers. *g*

I got a notice from Amazon that they are shipping my copy right now -- can't wait for it to get here.
Wow! Congratulations.

Here is more Bob to brighten your day
*g* Wheee!

I hope *your* week is going a little bit smoother than it has been....
My copy is shipping from Amazon.com across the ocean as we speak. Well, that's what they said, at least. :)
I got email from Amazon that my copy shipped yesterday. Now to wait it out.
I didn't see it at B&N yesterday, but while I was actually *in the store* the Co-Op called to say my copy arrived! Yay!

Now I just have to figure out how to get up there when my guys are both sick and I'm in mid-newsletter. *Sigh.*
I'm guessing from your phrasing that you're a fellow newsletter editor?
Yay! *bounce bounce*

Y'know we had that conversation about you signing my copy for me? Well, I'm in the UK so I have a couple of options -- which would be easiest for you?

1) I import a copy to me, mail it to you, and you sign it before mailing it me back

2) I order a copy from amazon.com, with delivery straight to you, and then you sign it before forwarding it to me

In either case, I'm moer than willing to pay for everything -- shipping everywhere and so on -- but I wondered which would be easiest... Oh, and is it possible to send money for shipping back to me via PayPal or do you want me to send you some dollars?

Thanks. *hugs*
I have paypal, and I'm happy to do whatever's cheapest and most convenient for you. Drop me an email at matociquala at gmail dot com, and we'll sort it out.
You must continue to be strong. Ignore the fact that the four-digit ranks change hourly. Don't check BN.com, because their rankings don't count. And above all, don't track down those idiots who post bad reviews. Killing them is tacky.
what if I just rough them up a little?
A novelist is you! Now I can start telling stories about how I knew you back before you were famous....

Amazon.com has not yet shipped my shiny pre-ordered copy, but this doesn't surprise me, because I had to jab them with a sharp stick to get them to actually send me the last thing I pre-ordered.

Happy Novel Pub Day! May it only be the first of a lifetime filled with such events.

and re: your vow. I say unto you -- Hah!

(I'm only checking once a day now, but it's been five months).

Just remember, in the scheme of things, Amazon.com numbers are a wee small part of the sales-pie. Sadly, they're also the only part of the pie we can get our grubby hands on...
Sadly, they're also the only part of the pie we can get our grubby hands on...

I like to tell people that writers actually don't start off neurotic fruitbats. The industry does it to us.
Yup, you're a novelist now. Four copies at my local Borders.

Well, three, now. ;)
Happy Novel Day!

It's on my wishlist, and as soon as we're settled back in the US, I'll definitely buy a copy. :)

And thank you for the kind mention.
I'm hoping to purchase mine at an indie bookseller; if my bookvisit plans don't work out before the chains go back on, I'll be ordering mine from Amazon.com next week. Watch those numbers bounce!
Yay for official novelists! I'm going to try to see if they have it at Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis, and if they don't, order it and demand more copies.
Yay!!! That's such a big deal, and so wonderful!

And, I don't know if it's because I checked my book's Amazon.com numbers too much, but they started jumping around in a weird, arbitrary, can't be right way months ago, and haven't stopped since!!
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