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booksquare with an absolutely lovely rant on disregarded women and women's fiction as an act of courage. papersky, I think you'll like this.

Got the paper edit of OEJ finished last night, ensconced in bed with the laptop and a glass of Fresca cut with cranberry juice. (such decadence.) I also got a hundred pages of the edits input, and blocked out very roughly one scene I need to add within those hundred pages. (Once I get the rest of the MS neatened up, I'll go back and fill in the scenes I've decided I need to add.)

It's really NOT the most boring book in the world. It just feels like it right now. (Actually, Worldwired is the most boring book in the world. One-Eyed Jack is the runner up.)

One of the problems with this editing pass is that the book is very fast-paced. (It makes Hammered and Scardown look downright leisurely.) and I managed to keep a breathless pace through it... attheexepenseofthecharactershavinganyinternalarcwhatsoever*cough*. Or, more precisely, neither Tribute or Jackie let me into his damage until the end of the book, when said damage is resolved. Which gives the book kind of a glossy, surfacy feel (and a bit of gloss and slickness is fine; it's a romp, after all, not a tragedy), because the characters have a real shallow arc.

So I'm having to go back and deepen that arc, and add pointers to their damage. Which is good, because it makes them more well-rounded characters, and bad because there's not a lot of room o get this stuff in, and I don't want to lose the voom! Because a lot of what this book has going for it is voom. *g*

It may be unpublishable, self-indulgent, masturbatory, and over the top (*cough* high concept, by tnh's definition, only no Pope *cough*)--but hell, it's fun.

By the way, for everybody who asked--yeah, it is pretty nice being published. You should try it!

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