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The world keeps you honest.

Last night I rocked the world. Today, I'm derivative but very competent, and maybe a little too smart for my own britches. (Reflection's Edge has a review of Hammered up. )

Well, it's not like I haven't heard that before. And I do really like deconstructing genre; it's true. It's one of the major reasons I'm a genre writer.

I'd say overall it's a positive review, and I really like seeing what my work looks like from the outside. (Dang, she caught on that everything I write is political thrillers disguised as other genres!) Sekritly, narcissism is the reason I write; I like seeing people talk about my brain.

Speaking of which, only three copies of Hammered left at Amazon! (I'm suspending my check-once-a-day-policy until they're gone. It's not like I'm *looking at the sales rank* after all.)

Good writing night last night. Rang in the new year in Yorkshire, Boston, Columbus, Toronto, San Antonio, Illinois, Calgary, Las Vegas and Nome. Which was pretty cool, despite the five-hour gap for the Atlantic. Next year we should make sure to hit Newfoundland and maybe Iceland too.

I also got all the paper edits input to One-Eyed Jack and added a short scene and a bunch of snippets here and there that hopefully made the internal arcs a little clearer. (Nothing like your protag telling you a major fact about his pre-mythic life shortly *after* you finish the book. Thanks, Jack-Jackie. Thank you very much.)

So today, I have one more scene to write, and a bunch of twiddling to do.

I should probably get on that, shouldn't I?

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