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SFRevu has an Ernest Lilley review of Hammered up as well--bit of summary, not much commentary, and certainly no spoilers.

Bear shuttles effortlessly back and forth across time to weave her disparate cast of characters together in a tightly plotted page-turner. The noir universe she creates is as hard-edged as the people who inhabit it. The dialogue and descriptions are suitably spartan, but every one of her characters has their own recognizable voice. It takes no effort at all to imagine Hammered on the big screen.

I probably shouldn't tell anything that the Sigourney St. thing is a happy accident, should I? (Sigourney and Albany Ave is about the roughest neighborhood in Hartford.) Ah well, too late now. I never could keep a secret.

Also, that John Scalzi guy and his book, Old Man's War got some attention too. Whoever he is. ;-) He kinda looks like a big bruiser in the picture; I'd better be nice to him. I hear he starts barfights....

And, because she's too meek to pimp herself, buymeaclue's excellent and lovely and poignant "Under the Bridge" is live at The Chiaroscuro. I critiqued this story in draft. I loff it still.

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