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In Memoriam:

There was a fine artist named Freas
Who could draw anything that he pleased
Specializing in BEMS
And satirical gems
And now, sad to say, he's deceased.

--ST Wishnevsky & Elizabeth Bear. (That other guy would be my dad. Yes, I know it's tasteless. It's a limerick. (edited with new last line that suits the rhyme scheme better courtesy of said dad.))

In other news, the second draft of One-Eyed Jack must be finished, because I hate it with an undying passion and I'm certain I can never fix it to be as good as I want it to be. This is normal, apparently, and The Way Things Work. By the time I get done with the third draft, it will, perhaps, not make me want to cry and be mean to people who ae just trying to help.

I have decided I need a t-shirt that says "I'm only mad at you because you're right."
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