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I'm smart enough, I'm pretty enough, and darn it, people like me.

And an equally lovely reject from Sci Fiction on the story I think is one of my best, "One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King," with an "I liked it but not enough to buy it."

Which I should probably just have tattooed on my forehead. It seems to be the chorus my life is sung to lately. Well, at least she likes my stories. :-) And I presume that means she thought it worked, so now I need to decide who it goes to next. Somebody who will love it more. :-) Hmm. It could be a Strange Horizons-y sort of story, maybe. I'll try it there after they clear "Los Empujaderos Furiosos".

(Becoming an editor has made me, oddly, a lot less coy about talking about what story has been rejected where. Because I've realized that if I don't really care that a story I see has been rejected elsewhere (and I presume it has), I don't see why anybody else should care either. Big Editorial Secret: once you are writing well enough {which is harder than you think, and I'm not sure I am yet} it all comes down to editorial taste. I buy stories that make me choke up. Ooops, the secret is out now. And yes, editors do have those conversations you're afraid we have--"We just bought this great story by Jim-Bob Cletus about cannibalistic daffodils!" "Oh, we rejected that one last month!" Heh. It's my money. I'll spend it on stories I like, dammit. But! I am slushed. And query-lettered. Go me)

Ah well. I guess I should query her on Flowers--can't hurt, after all. On a more positive note, I did recieve my check from On Spec today. Yay, On Spec! Thank you thank you.

Writing is hard. And it is even harder to keep writing through the spots where the wall seems high and the rewards are few.And--slowly--improving. Ah, hell. If I can improve as much in the next twelve months as I did in the last, I should be making some breakthroughs soonish. I just keep telling myself that if it took Connie Willis twenty years, I shouldn't be upset that its taken me fifteen... I still have another five to go before I can whine.

Meanwhile, I have wordcount to get on Scardown, even if it seems today like nobody will ever love my stuff enough to buy it again. So I guess I'll save the rest of the whinging for another day.


They'll tell you all the girls are monsters--
All the boys are whores--
So when you lose the one you love
There's always plenty more.

--The Squirrel Nut Zippers

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