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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I am a happy girl. I just heard from my editor; she likes the revisions on Worldwired.

Which means, barring the CEM and the page proofs... the endeavor of the last two years is done. The trilogy is complete and delivered. That, as they say, is that. Kind of an odd feeling, that.

Interestingly enough, I started poking at One-Eyed Jack again today, just kind of randomly. The universe must have been waiting to be provoked.


wow. do you feel free?
Um. Relieved, worried, happy, bereft... *g* the usual....
Congrats! I am so wickedly jealous.
Thank you! and--jealous? How come?
...and my copy of Hammered arrived!

Wow, what a totally kickass cover. Can hardly wait!
Please, let me know what you think! *g*
I thought she might send it back for more changes. By the time I hit the fifth or sixth pass, especially if there are major restructurings, I tend to lose my sense of whether the book is balancing or not. It goes from intuitive to intellectual work, and that always worries me.
Thank you. *g*

I've been thinking of you a lot lately, BTW. Hoping your situation sorts itself out soon. :-P

It's always good to be done, and it's better for the editor to think you are done.
Yes, to both those things. *g* Gotta pay the tax man somehow....
Yay! Congrats! *hugs*
Thank you!

BTW, your book did not get mailed; it's been evil weather here, and I stayed home to avoid flooding and madperson drivers. Today, with any luck....
This is the part of 'want to have written' I'd like to get to know ::grins::
It's a good part, in a closure sort of way.

Now, of course, we gotta sell the next one.....
I am really enjoying "Hammered", its characters, the chilling yet fascinating dystopia, the future-historical references, and just, um, everything.
Thank you!
Yay! Go you! *g*
BTW, your package arrived. Any special instructions before I return the Items?

Damn straight.
Mazel tov!


I *love* the One-Eyed Jack icon - what a terrific teaser!
It's a pretty accurate representation of the book, too.
God, this thing is self-indulgent. Yes sir, yes it is.

But it's fun...