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Well, I may be a hack writing thinly disguised Shadowrun fanfiction...

...but I'm a best-selling hack writing thinly disguised Shadowrun fanfiction.

At least downunder.

Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney Australia current bestseller list:

1. Seduced by Moonlight (Meredith Gentry #03) by LAURELL K HAMILTON
2. Warrior (Hythrun Chronicles #02) by JENNIFER FALLON
3. Dragons Kin (Pern) by ANNE MCCAFFREY
4. Bridge of Souls (Quickening #03) by FIONA MCINTOSH
5. Pandoras Star (Commonwealth #01) by PETER F HAMILTON
6. Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake #12) by LAURELL K HAMILTON
7. Algebraist by IAIN M BANKS
8. Hammered by ELIZABETH BEAR
9. Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson
10. Traitors Knot (Alliance of Light #04) by JANNY WURTS

And I hear it's #6 at Forbidden Planet. Or so sources report.

Also, a brief and slightly factually inaccurate, but cheerful review by Steve Powers (Special to The Dallas Morning News)

With the advent of winter, it's a good time to stay indoors with an engrossing book. Here are a few science-fiction tales that may help while away the hours:


Elizabeth Bear (Bantam Spectra, $6.99)

The year is 2062 and fierce wars have devastated Earth. Jenny Casey is a battle-scarred veteran of the wars. Now nearly 50, Jenny has relocated to Hartford, Conn. Her body was damaged during the wars but, thanks to the marvels of science, has been artificially reconstructed. Unfortunately, the technology is far from perfect and the intricate work has begun to unravel.

If that weren't bad enough, Jenny is on the run from the U.S. government, which wants her as a subject for an ambitious new high-tech project. With all these factors in place, Elizabeth Bear skillfully constructs the ingredients for an exciting, futuristic, high-tech book.

However, Millhouse van Houten, a correspondent on Amazon offers: If you're looking for even the smallest spark of originality in ideas, a compelling vision of a dystopic future, interesting characters, or engaging prose, skip it. (There's more. And a couple of more flattering reviews, but this one is my favorite so far.)

Ah, well. Can't win 'em all. At least he didn't blast me for tokenism, or pick on my French....

In other news, Deep Impact is on its way to comet Tempel 1. And of course there's Huygens on Friday. Woot! Take lots of pictures, guys!

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