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Progress notes (mental magpie, upstart crow)

Well, I'm on page 180 of the third draft of One-Eyed Jack, and about page 400 of Spin (and about page 100 of War of the Rats.) I wanted to be a little further along on all of them, but I will persist in having a personal life that occasionally needs tending to.

What was I thinking?

Anyway, all in all, a pretty good night, and I'm enjoying rereading the book--at least the first half. I liked the first half on the last pass too, though, so we'll see how the second half goes.

I like the part where I fiddle with things and take out the bits of exposition and character interaction that I needed when I was telling the story to myself, but which the story itself doesn't need. It's like peeling the scaffolding down and seeing what the statue looks like behind it; kind of nifty.

It's still a hideously self-indulgent book, but I'm also surprisingly cool with that; I do like Tribute and Jackie. And it's always amazing to me how my brain clutter can become a narrative.

That probably explains why I like Shakespeare so much.

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