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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Synchronicity (and link salad a la NPR)

Streaming audio of a Nevada Public Radio report on the ghost town of St. Thomas, NV--which features in One-Eyed Jack

"Every five years, top intelligence analysts weigh in on long-term global trends. The latest report from the National Intelligence Council imagines the world in 2020, envisioning a receding threat from al Qaeda and a world profoundly changed by the rise of India and China." (National Public Radio report.) (And you thought I just pulled the political stuff out of the orifice of your choice. Well, okay, I made up the cryptofascist thing. Really. *coughs up sleeve*)

And speaking of China, Dog-Sized Mammal Dined on Dinosaurs (Also NPR)

And now I'm chairdancing looking at Huygens coverage. Like most of the rest of the industry. No shock there.


re: long-term global trends
Canadian political analyst, Gwyn Dyer, has been saying al Qaeda has always been a two-bit op going nowhere fast, and thinks by 2030 at the latest, China will have passed the U.S. to snag Top Dog status both militarily and economically (he also notes that the PTB in Washington don't want to relinquish the title -- one reason for the warmongering). Fascinating stuff. Time will tell.

Total non-sequitur

HAMMERED has been sighted in the wilds of Maine, several copies at the local Borders.

Re: Total non-sequitur

Thank you, Sir!
Yay Huygens! Can't wait for the PICTURES!!!


Mine! Mine! My Huygens! ::bouncebounce::

Sorry. But I worked on that craft, so it's specially exciting for me. All of us at work were checking its progress every hour or so...there was a lot of happiness in the office this afternoon.