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Synchronicity (and link salad a la NPR)

Streaming audio of a Nevada Public Radio report on the ghost town of St. Thomas, NV--which features in One-Eyed Jack

"Every five years, top intelligence analysts weigh in on long-term global trends. The latest report from the National Intelligence Council imagines the world in 2020, envisioning a receding threat from al Qaeda and a world profoundly changed by the rise of India and China." (National Public Radio report.) (And you thought I just pulled the political stuff out of the orifice of your choice. Well, okay, I made up the cryptofascist thing. Really. *coughs up sleeve*)

And speaking of China, Dog-Sized Mammal Dined on Dinosaurs (Also NPR)

And now I'm chairdancing looking at Huygens coverage. Like most of the rest of the industry. No shock there.

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