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Livejournal needs to go down more often, I think.

Or, more precisely, I need to prune my reading list, I think. There's no way I'm ever going to catch up.

Anyway, I think I finally have all the continuity errors out of OEJ, after a very productive day yesterday (finally!), and my editor's accepted Worldwired, and my option novel and proposal packet are en route to New York.

In short, I'm on vacation. Possibly until May, unless somebody buys something, or truepenny gets caught up enough to finish banging together the draft of A Companion To Wolves, the smutty, squicky, noncommercial talking animal fantasy.

To celebrate, I finished Spin--sartorias, I agree with pnh that this is quite a humane story. I've just started Behemoth:Seppuku, which I don't particularly expect to be humane, but I do expect to enjoy. And am still working on War of the Rats.

Also, I have a pile of other reading to get through, including some stuff for critique. My vacations begin to suspiciously resemble work... but I did celebrate by sleeping until nine this morning.


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