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Another country heard from

There was food porn last night. leahbobet promised to write it up; I'll link when she does. My mouth is happy....

In the meantime, I will just say, omakase. yum.

In other news, a generally favorable (spoilerriffic!) "but there's a lot of stuff unresolved" review of Hammered by A. M. Dellamonico at

</i>With Jenny Casey, author Elizabeth Bear delivers a kick-butt fighter who could easily hold her own against Kristine Smith's Jani Killian or Elizabeth Moon's Heris Serrano.</i>

I'm starting to think maybe I should have given the trilogy an overarching title, as a bigger clue that it is a trilogy.

Ah well, live and learn.

You know, I'm showing my age. *g* I always think of Jenny as a Cirocco Jones/Signy Mallory type. *g*

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