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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I must get that check in the mail--

An absolutely fantastic Agony Column/Rick Kleffel review of Hammered went up yesterday. You can't see me, but I am currently (pre-tea) doing a little dance and chanting, "He gets it, he gets it, he gets it!" under my breath. And not just because of the Phillip K. Dick and Cambell award predictions. (Did he actually say that? *checks. chokes.* Wow, he really did.)

Anyway, this is the sentence that made me laugh out loud with delight: In 'Hammered', it's 2062 and Jenny Casey, the jack-booted thugette on the cover, is a bitter veteran of the wars that have ravaged the earth.

Oh, that's a good note to go to a book launch party on. (Yes, the book launch party is today. Bakka Books, Toronto, 3:00, if you're in the neighborhood.)

Also, it's snooooooooooowing! Yay! We're supposed to get hammered, too. (I will never be able to use that phrase again without cracking up.)

Good gravy, I miss snow.

ETA: In other news, Diane Duane is pissed off about the Hubble, and I don't blame her. It would probably be paranoid of me to think that a neocon agenda to de-emphasize space exploration and science in general could have anything to do with this, wouldn't it?

Yeah, I though it would be paranoid.



Wow! Great review, plus snow! :) Why do I think you'll be having a terrific day? *g*
Wheeee, book launch party!! Wheeee, reviewers that get it!! Enjoy the official send-off! (My book just got nominated for an award, and it's lighting me up.)
Go you!

Wait...how does GW plan to get to mars if we keep cutting space exploration/science??? Then again, since when have neocons been logical.
Don't be silly; we beam ourselves there.
Hammered deserves every great review it gets. I'm loving it! (Figured I'd better start reading it before the book launch ;) ).

Speaking of the launch--I'm still planning on heading down after my writers group meeting today, and I believe a couple of other people from the group are coming, too. Let's just hope it doesn't go full-blizzarding on us.
You are very kind. And yes, we hope to avoid full-out blizzarding. It's hard to slog through, for one thing...Pnly about four centimeters so far, it looks like.


Yay for snow! Yay for the book launch!
Have a great time!
Have a wonderful party!

(And I am so totally jealous that you get to have cold weather and snow, even.)
I could send you some in an insulated box, but....
Isn't that great? (The review -- you know how I feel about snow.)

Have a lovely, successful book launch -- I'll be there in spirit!
I'll be missing you.

Well, picture me majorly squeeing over that review, and bless the fact your eardrums are safe. *g*

I do adore you, Evil Twin.
Yeah, I though it would be paranoid.

I simply can't figure out what's going on with space in this Administration. The Mars plan is sheerest horseshit, and has been a boon to all the internal enemies of O'Keefe's attempts at reform.

Cancelling the Hubble repairs united the space community - typically wracked with infighting at the Monty Python Judean People's Front level - like nothing else could, and maximized scientific objection to the human exploration initiative.

And an administration that's micromanaged turnover announcements seriously flubbed O'Keefe's departure.

The pieces don't add up at all - I can't even devise a paranoid explanation of the facts (and, according to Dan Brown, I'm one of the Evil Space Illuminati!)

Congrats on your review. Clear some space on the mantle - I'm confident you'll need it!
Clear some space on the mantle - I'm confident you'll need it!

First I need a fireplace.

Yeah, I dunno. I dunno what the heck they think they're doing there, other than dismantling the space program while trying to make it look like they're supporting it, but I hesitate to suggest they're smart enough to think of that. "Ooo, we'll fund this hideously implausible program, and--

Ah well. We'll always have Titan. And in a few billion years, it may even be habitable.

I think the Mars thing is happy horse-shit, for all I have bases on Mars in Hammered. Although, yanno, a beanstalk or three would make that sort of thing far more plausible.
I think the Mars thing is happy horse-shit Yeah. I got a request for a legal analysis of private construction on Mars, and the only thing I could think to say is, damn, guys, stick with dragons and elves...

I found the Bush space initiative so soul-suckingly disingenuous that I retreated into fiction - so I guess a lot of the space community is crawling inside their own fictive worlds of choice.

OTOH, things do look very, very good on the private-space side. It's just... yeah.
Yes, I agree. Private space is *very* exciting.
Dunno if you saw
the latest from SpaceX

bush and space

i think whatever this regime has in mind regarding space, it will be designed to provide monies for american companies -- the hubble robot salvage job was awarded to a canadian company. i don't think i am paranoid in thinking that if it's not gonna benefit boeing and company, the bush administration won't be in favour of it.
Excellent! My favorite sentence in it was "Because if you're scared of the UN taking over the US, then a novel in which Canadian UN Peacekeepers are quelling a rebellion in the US is going to send you screaming into the streets."
Hi, Elise! Did you see "Follow Me Light" is up at Scifiction?

BTW, I forgot to ask you how *you* liked the book....

Also, I hope to see you at WisCon this year?
I liked it a lot. And yes, I will definitely be at WisCon this year. Yay! Also at about four other conventions, so maybe we'll see each other more than once, even.

I will go look at "Follow Me Light" and croon to it happily. How's the necklace doing?
The necklace got several compliments at my book signing Saturday, and I think she's quite smug and pleased with herself.

I will see you in May! Can't wait!
congrats on the review! most fabulous!