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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The book signing was an unqualified success, I think, despite wind, driving snow, subzero temperatures, and Bakka's revolutionary combined meatlocker/toilet facilities. (The bathroom is very cold.) The Bakka crew--msagara, leahbobet, Chris, Sarah, Simone, and Ben, were tremendously nice. And we sold some books. Some of them even to people I don't know.


Only two more sleeps in Toronto. Possibly the ROM today, if we can be convinced to stir into the coldness. *shivers and puts on wooly socks*


I am so glad you saw msagara--I've been missing her terribly around here, but hoping she's been writing up a storm.
She was looking lovely in a fitted burgundy dress with embroidered bodice....

You know, Locus and the Internet serve a purpose in SF fan/prodom not unlike the one the society pages served in the 1890's... *g*
It was an extreme pleasure meeting you yesterday. It was worth braving the the blizzard to pop in and say "Hi."

Oh, my daughter has absconded with the book.
*g* Fair warning, there's some fairly graphic language, violence, and sex in it.

And it was also a real pleasure meeting you.
The good news is that I have email from the library, my requested copy is available for pickup.

The bad news is that I'm not going to be able to get to the library today, even assuming it's open, which I very much doubt. The Boston area is getting absolutely hammered with snow right now. Arisia is likely to last an extra day for anyone who flew in.
I heard about your blizzard! Still snowing, isn't it?
Larry Smith had HAMMERED in the Arisia dealers' room.
The sightings continue!
Congrats on the book signing, Bear! How officially author-y is that?? I do hope a phatty book tour brings you to Cali someday.

(Oh, 6 of 8 copies have sold at my local B & N. And I wasn't the buyer! *g*)

Well, Cali is not far out of my ambit. Actually, I've been contemplating a trip to SF this year. Are you north or south?

On the other--Really? Awesome! That's pretty dang cool.
It was great to finally meet you, not to mention to pick up a copy of the book. I started reading it last night and I'm loving it.

Stay warm and enjoy your last two nights in Toronto.
Hey lady!

It was great meeting you, too! Hopefully next time, there can be an actually conversation--

You probably don;t know this, but I have a tendency to brag up your vids to random friends. *g*

Also, please do let me know what you think of the book when you're done.
Glad to hear it.

And just for a grin, you were quoted by Brust on a panel at Confusion. Go You!!!!
ohgawd, What did Steve say?

Of course, I was name dropping him like a mad thing yesterday. :-P To be fair, it was during writergeeking, and he's the only pro writer I spend a significant amount of face time with, which lead to a lot of "Well, Steve says X, but I find y" kind of comments. *g*
Possibly the ROM today, if we can be convinced to stir into the coldness.

Ack, I wish I'd seen this earlier -- I was working at the ROM today! It wasn't all that cold -- it was warm enough for the bees to be out doing their business, anyway. Which made for much confusion, but that's always fun.

It was wonderful to meet you, and I had a great time at dinner. :o)


Hi, Sarah! And yes, it wasn't that cold. Actually, we wound up getting thrown out of a bar for not ordering enough. *g* maybe today....
Hee. You know, that's not really the purpose of the livejournal, per se. But I'd be a fool to turn it down when it happens....

We may make the ROM today. Last chance!

Holy crap...

What a great read. I found Hammered in the Penn Station (NY) bookstore, and picked it up with high hopes. Met, met, and met. A -really- good story. I'm so looking forward to vol 2...

Re: Holy crap...

Yay! Thank you, Jon!
Speaking of signing books...

I will be greeting you, book in hand, on your arrival in this country.

And I will get that Amazon review done. Life just got exceedingly hectic.
I really need to find a way to get across the puddle, dammit!