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Progress Notes

A Companion to Wolves

New Words: ~1700 (the other half are truepenny's)
Total Words: ~58500
Pages: 269 (counting about five pages of outline notes)


New Words: ~149, and a bunch of outliney stuff.
Total Words: ~4000 or so, mostly notes
Pages: 15

Reason for stopping: sleepy.
Mammalian Assistance: Marlowe as fur muff
Stimulants: herbal tea, Russian Caravan, seltzer, and bourbon
Exercise: None.
Mail: Asimov's rejection, 62 days
Tyop du jour: Nothing worth reporting
Books read (so far this year): William S. Burroughs, The Naked Lunch; Elizabeth George, A Place of Hiding; Karen Traviss, City of Pearl; Judith Tarr, Pillar of Fire; David L. Robbins, War of the Rats; John Bellairs, The Face in the Frost; Robert Charles Wilson, Spin; Peter Watts, Behemoth: Seppuku. Probably some I'm forgetting; I haven't logged in a while.
Books in progress: Connie Willis, Impossible Things; James White, Hospital Station; Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Samuel Delany, The Motion of Light in Water It must be 1960 in my head again. I hate it when that happens.
Books in queue: M.J. Harrison, Tourism; Tamara Siler Jones, Ghosts in the Snow; Michael Binyon, Life in Russia
Other writing-related work: slushed 8 stories and did a lot of plotting with truepenny. Also, have one or two shorts chasing around in my head.

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