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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Squee, politics, roundup, mourning.

The Challenger explosion was my generation's Kennedy assassination. I know exactly where I was. And I bet, if you're my age, you do too. We pray for opening, of course; but we're damned lucky if we get closure.


And the complete Agony Column review of Hammered is up. Rick Kleffel may be my Perfect Reader. He gets it. Good gracious me, he actually got what I wanted the worldbuilding to do.

But don't take my word for it. Go look for yourself:

In 2062, Jenny Casey is a veteran who has seen it all and left bits of herself behind, scattered across the globe. Unlike many, however, she got some pretty effective replacement parts, and they've served her well in her self-chosen career as a sort of enforcer for a beneficent gang-banger. But a bad batch of Hammer, the drug that helped her put a UN-issued boot heel in the faces of Americans rioting after a Fundamentalist Christian takeover, has showed up on her mean streets. She finds herself once again the object of attention of those who built her. It seems that she's survived a good deal longer than most of her ilk. The metal arm and other enhancements she received are apparently indicative of an innate ability to integrate the electronics of tomorrow into her all-too-human frame. Still, they're getting old, she's getting old and the bodies are getting cold. Someone has come to collect her.

'Hammered' starts to play out as an ultra-gritty police procedural, but as Bear's at-first opaque future takes off its shades, we see there's a lot more at work than a batch of bad drugs. Bear piles on the grim, the grubby and the moderately grotesque, and carefully plots the novel so that it takes a while to suss what precisely is happening and why. But you didn't want your future to be all sunny did you? If so, don't sign up for this hitch. Bear is apparently so familiar with darkness that she can elucidate many shades of black, and peel them away in such a manner as to keep the reader intrigued but still in the dark. And though the novel stays firmly in rooms without proper lighting, the plot and the science fiction eventually come out into the open.


Any comments about the unbelievable hypocrisy of Cheney's comments at Auschwitz yesterday are left as an exercise to the reader.

But dude. You don't wear your duckhunting clothes to a memorial service. Even *I* know that.


Yep, I remember Challenger.

And Dick is just disgusting. Amazing. There are just no words for the level of assholishness that it takes to do that.
Sorry, I disagree. We got neither, the people my age. The people older than us got the openings, the launches and the moon landings and the milestones. We didn't. What we got was a government that believed space was about wars, and not even plausibly at that. They were closing it off before we got openings.

They talked up Challenger constantly for weeks to my second grade class. Then they pretended it didn't happen. Never said another word about it. By now, what closure is there to be had?
Individually, personally, sure. But there is such a thing as a public event, a civic program or happening, a community effort. And if you try to cut other people out of your reactions to those, you will have missed a good deal -- of pain and frustration, certainly, but not just that.
Wow. I had not seen that. (About Cheney.) That's... strange. Peculiar, even. One might even say insulting.

(Then again, given the list of folks attenting, it's also strange (to ME) that Bush didn't show.)

His statements are just kind of garden variety ironic, otherwise. (The ones CNN prints, anyway.)

Challenger... I was home sick. And watching the launch. Sigh.

(NICE review. Yow.).
Ilya Kuryakin! <333

And Scorpy!

Man, where are the heroes when you need them?

Off being fictional, drat them.
As if that were an excuse! Da noive!
I surely do know where I was. It was as I came out of a Diffie-Q class on a rainy day, and hurried back to the dorm suite to watch the coverage.

Yep, that review's spot-on! Very cool.

I'd missed the wardrobe, but I almost coughed up my lunch reading Cheney's statement of support for Yushchenko - who knew he was *in favor* of popular protests to oust a corrupt, election-stealing regime?

Lots of Challenger memories here, at </a></b></a>cmpriest's site...
I know exactly where I was. And I bet, if you're my age, you do too.

Yep. Lunch. English/Journalism classroom. Right before physics class. A pack of boys rushed in shouting to turn on the television, and then we couldn't tear our eyes away.
I was in Civics calss, and the teacher next door walked in crying and made us turn the TV on.
yeah...I didn't feel the world of Hammered to be much different from the one we're in, with less conspicuous metal.

I don't remember where I was, but I remember what we drank.
It's supposed to be about as different from our world as our world is from, oh, 1942. 2062 is not all that far away.

Sixty years. I might even live that long.
maybe I am living in the future...but I was a welfare caseworker for 20 years...it all came back to me when I read your Hartford.
I worked at a women's shelter for a while, and also lived and worked in some pretty rough neighborhoods. The book draws on those experiences extensively.

But you know, that stuff *is* like science fiction to most SF readers.
What did you drink?

I was 7, so I drank milk. But when Gene Shoemaker died, I had my first plum wine ever.
Where to start?

Challenger: A.P. Biology class. I don't remember anything about the rest of the day, though; just watching the TV monitors.

Review: Wow. He really does get it, doesn't he? And now I don't need to get around to writing my own review, because he said it all, and better than I could. (I'm thinking I should read that guy regularly.)

Cheney: All I can say is, somebody better bitch-slap the Democrats into remembering that the moral high ground belongs to US, dammit - and BEFORE the next election.
There's GOT to be some moral high ground in here somewhere...

I'll bitchslap Joe Lieberman if you'll bitchslap Harry Reid....
Damn. I gotta get your book... soon! I have it on my amazon.com wishlist to remind me, next time I'm doing some book-shopping...

Cheney. Really classy guy, that's all I can say...

Where was I when the Challenger exploded? I was between classes, riding the campus loop back to my dorm when someone in the seat next to me told me about the disaster. I spent the rest of the day in the dorm's TV lounge, watching the coverage on CBS.
Shit, have you seen the ducks they have near Auschwitz? Dick, like any good Man Satanic Creature Behind the Throne, is short on free time, and chose to multitask. Most of the pictures failed to show his faithful hound flushing a mallard and Trickier Dick whipping out his rifle and nailing it in one shot.

The Challenger explosion was my generation's Kennedy assassination. I know exactly where I was. And I bet, if you're my age, you do too.

Yep - I was sitting in a classroom at my college, and before class started, someone turned around and told me about it.
Lovely review. I've still got Hammered in my to-read pile - there's only two books left ahead of you. :)

I remember the Challenger explosion clearly. I'd gone downstairs to Eckerd's before work and ordered breakfast. I watched the TV while it cooked, saw the shuttle lift off into a perfect blue sky, rising up until a stream of white arced off to the side. I remember thinking That doesn't look right but I didn't realize the shuttle had exploded until the announcer said they'd lost contact. Then I knew.

Thankfully, I haven't heard whatever idiocy Cheney spouted. I did see a photo of him in his duckhunting clothes, though. Asshat.
Any comments about the unbelievable hypocrisy of Cheney's comments at Auschwitz yesterday are left as an exercise to the reader.

But dude. You don't wear your duckhunting clothes to a memorial service. Even *I* know that.

Cheney's arrogance and ignorance were on display to the world. His feelings of entitlement cause him to believe his righteousness is self-evident; his response always appropriate; and fuck those who disagree--they don't matter. Had he been in power in the 1940's he would have been one of those who turned back the Ship of Fools, who discounted the validity of the reports of the Camps and the counsel to bomb them. His type does not believe in soul searching. They are the elect. They have been counted in the 144,000, and will be saved regardless. Their electness is shown by their prosperity. He was in the quaint old world. For him, most Americans could care squat about the Holocaust, because he could care squat.

Thank God that he doesn't come out in public very often. He should remain in his bunker and spare us all touching displays of his superiority.

The Challenger explosion
I was watching the lift-off while my six-month old napped.

I only caught the news clips about the Holocaust memorial and Canadian newscasters didn't even mention Cheney. But you know, in certain parts of the frozen north, duck-hunting plaid is tres chic.
It's really sad to say this, but I think for my generation (20 somethings), it was when OJ was running from the cops in his Bronco (sp?).
I was at lunch. I came back and they told me my teacher blew up. Suffice to say, that was an odd experience.
That would be very peculiar.