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A Companion to Wolves

New Words: ~1400 (and more that are truepenny's)
Total Words: ~63,000
Pages: 286
Reason for stopping: end of scene
Mammalian Assistance: The cats really approve of this new taking-the-laptop-to-sit-on-the-bed technique. Even Mithrandir has been snuggly. And he and Marlowe are utterly adorable when they start grooming each other. Kitty luv! Except Marlowe has decided that the way we get ON the bed is to dig our claws into Mom's thigh and haul ourselves up.
Stimulants: water and Russian Samovar Blend tea
Exercise: 30 minutes Gothercise, 5 minutes stretching.
Mail: nomail
Tyop du jour: nothing good.
Darling du jour: likewise nothing good.
Books read: Connie Willis, Impossible Things;
Books in progress: James White, Hospital Station; Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory;
Books in queue: M.J. Harrison, Tourism; Tamara Siler Jones, Ghosts in the Snow; Michael Binyon, Life in Russia
Other writing-related work: critiqued two stories


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