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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Tangent Unbowed, and "Follow Me Light" and "Samango Monkeys" reviews

I finally got over there to look, and the new Tangent Onlinelooks great; cleaner and less cluttered than the old site, shiny and readable. And I'm not just saying that because they said nice things about my necklace story and also my monkey story.


Well, Miss Eugie is very nice. :) But I'm sure the story is great, too.

Apparently I'm sorta kinda on the Tangent staff now. Eugie needs reviewers, and I told her I wouldn't mind helping out with the sci-fi. We'll see how that goes.
LoL! I'm sure if she hated it, she would have said so....
Congratulations: you're joining a long and illustrious crew. And if you get the chance, tell Dave Truesdale that Paul Riddell says hello. (He probably still hasn't recovered from my shaving my head at the 1999 ReaderCon, but who would?)
Will do! :)
I'm glad to see that it's still going: I still have fond memories of working for the print edition. And so it goes.

read the necklace story the other day

following the link from elisem's lj, and really liked it. The atmosphere of "otherness" built up in a very subtle way, for me from the first time it's mentioned that she can see the lights around people, until I was completely immersed in it. And I also found myself wanting to read more about those characters.

Re: read the necklace story the other day

Thank you!

Well, there might be another story in Pinky & Maria. I'm not--yet--quite sure. But I'm certainly open to it, if one shows up.
I very much liked your story, eBear! And I'm glad you approve of the new look. I'm delighted with it, myself.
you are doing a bangup job.

Updates! So fast!