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All the luck in all the world, and most of it was bad.

Well, a good day so far. I have a working computer (Phred's home! Yay!) and I have cover flats for Scardown. Remember how we were talking about how purple it was?

It's fuchsia. It's the most amazingly bright color ever. Just eyewatering. I love it.

That'll stand out on a shelf.

A Companion to Wolves

New Words: 4441 (split two ways makes a nice 2220 apiece)
Total Words: 81,160. 80K! Less than a hundred pages to go!
Pages: 338 of 340 (for some reason, this computer paginates differently)
Reason for stopping:
Mammalian Assistance: dog poking, cat desk co-opting, and general mayhem
Stimulants: Lime Passion tea, Fresca, Heineken
Exercise: none
Mail: Cover flats! Wheee
Tyop du jour: He kept his grim on Tin's cloak, though, and her momentum pulled him up steady.
Darling du jour: Darling-free
Books read: M.J. Harrison, Tourism;
Books in progress: Ed Sanders, Tales of Beatnik Glory; Liz Williams, Nine Layers of Sky (I promoted it. Shh.)
Books in queue: Michael Binyon, Life in Russia;
Other writing-related work: two and a half sentences on the Tindalosi New Yorker story


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