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More reviews and news--

Ah, my Locus arrived. And unopened, for once. I guess the nomailman took pity on me this month. In addition to the review of Hammered, there's several reviews of my short fiction. Nick Gevers likes the monkey story (...on balance, Elizabeth Bear tackles human/alien perplexity more acutely than Jasper in "When You Visit the Magoebaskloof Hotel, be Certain not to Miss the Samango Monkeys," (sorry, unwrecked) which, despite its title, is set on a bleak, distant planet, where human colonists beat their heads against the cognitive brick wall of a gentle indigenous species, only to see the aliens comprehend our nature with wise facility. He loathed "Follow Me Light" with a loathing, however, saying Elizabeth Bear's "Follow Me Light," on the other hand, is a tepid account of a lady lawyer falling in love with the sea-king's ugly son -- or something of that sort. Rich Horton, (on the other hand) didn't find the monkey story worthy of comment, but said, Elizabeth Bear's "Follow Me Light" is an intriguing story of a public defender who falls for a handicapped colleague who has a very unexpected family history, which explains his injuries but opens up other questions.

Rich also reviewed All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, but didn't comment on my story. He loved Ben Rosenbaum's sparkling pen, however--and who can blame him? Ben's shiiiiny.

In other news, I have just agreed to be a judge in the 11th annual ChiZine short story contest in June, along with somebody exciting, and somebody whose identity has not yet been revealed to me. Because I just can't get enough slush!

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