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The movie-quote meme line nobody got:

"We'd probably have done the same to you, if you'd come round our place." was David Bowie, from THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, thus confirming my belief that I am the only one still living who has seen that movie.

And now they're going to come for me.


My good news for today is that I just heard from Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column, (ETA: I've set up a lj feed of the column at agony_column) who solicited a story from me earlier this month. He wants to publish "Botticelli," which is my deconstructive/metafiction/nontrad format/nonlinear triple-helix story that uses as its basis a discussion of slash fanfiction, among other things.

I figured I was never going to sell this puppy, due to content. And I think it's my best work--inspired by Kelly Link's "The Girl Detective," benrosenbaum's "The Death Trap of Doctor Nefario," and my experiences in the muncle fan community, which included my first serious exposure to slash fanfiction and the women (and occasional men) who write it, and what they're trying to do, artistically.

What was really surprising and enlightening to me was how thoroughly some of the concepts that get bandied about there tie into my own experiences with what I refer to as the folk process, and metatexting--

--anyway, "Botticelli" was my attempt to process some of that, and talk a little bit about yin and yang, war and peace, sinister and dexter, World War II and World War III--

And I'm pleased it found a home, because I'm awfully fond of it, even though I suspect it's a bit lit'ry and inaccessible. And I'm even more pleased to be on a page with Alastair Reynolds and Susanna Clarke.

If nothing else, tune in for more news, including publication dates and links when it's up, and you'll have the fun of watching a pro writer attempt slash as serious literary endeavor. Somehow, I suspect the results will be a bit like literary authors trying to write SF/F.

Watch this space.


Randomly, I like librarydeva post on librarians and racy book covers (she is one--a librarian, not a racy book cover) as linked by riemannia.

And I am on page 3 of the Tindalosi New Yorker story. And stuck on a character motivation.

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