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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Green Man Review, uh, reviews HAMMERED--


Without giving too much away, it can be said that the underlying theme of Bear's novel is salvage, in all its senses -- Jenny doesn't just hide in her neighborhood, she's known as someone to come to for street-level medical care, and her concern for the place which shelters her is echoed by Razorface, whose inner monologues have a quiet, profound dignity and occasionally a poetic, yet realistic, turn of phrase.

Almost makes me want to read the book, despite my bizarre tic that makes it very uncomfortable to read my own work in print.


go you. that's great.
I was pretty happy with that one. *g*
IME, not a bizarre tic at all. Many writers don't, won't, or can't read their work in print (though most can summon up what it takes to read proofs). Some hate their work as soon as it's done.
*g* Once it hits print, it's... dunno. Ancient history. And also, it always looks terrible to me at that point. Of course, it's generally two to three years old, which probably has a bearing on it...
congrats on the great reviews!

And eeek. I think I would be dreadful to read my own stuff in print... I'd want to tinker, and I'd think, dear god, that bad sentence is out there for everyone in the world to see! Why didn't I catch it earlier?!?!?! Then I wouldn't sleep for a week. Is that your reason? Or something less shallow/insecure? :D
Heh. That, and the "OMG, people are reading THIS!" thing.
Yes. It's somebody else's problem now. *g* On to the next thing! Onwards!
Now that's a good review.

*comes over all Sally Strothers*
Wow. Brilliant review. I want to read the book; I don't suppose it will be published in Australia any time soon? ~looks wistful~
Well, I know it's available in some Australian bookstores. Spectra has world English rights, so it's getting a wide distribution.

Galaxy in Sydney had it on their best seller list for a while.... does that help?
Galaxy in Sydney had it on their best seller list for a while.... does that help?

Oh, of course--you mentioned that before, and I went and completely forgot! Well, at least I know it's here...but in terms of getting hold of it, it doesn't really help, I'm afraid. I'm in Adelaide, which is half a continent away!

I shall have to hope it shows up at Known Space (the only SF speciality bookshop currently trading in Adelaide) sometime soon.

~remains wistful~
Don't let it go to your head. They liked my stuff too. Not a very exclusive neighborhood....
It seems a lot of people like your stuff, Mr. Modesty.
Just a note: picked it up at Capricon, and despite being sick as a dog, running Registration, and having five thousand things to do before I leave next week, I'm halfway through and totally book-lost. Thanks :)
Glad to be of service! And thank *you* for letting me know.
Just bought it on Friday. Can't wait to read!
Well, I hope you enjoy it. *g*

Interestingly, it just got a big sales spike on Amazon. I wonder what caused that....

Not, mind you, that I'm complaining.
So many great reviews. You be delerious with joy and pride (they think your baby is beautiful!)

PS How do you avoid checking your Amazon stats every five minutes? I'd have to set an hourly timer and force myself to wait for it...and wait...
Um. That's "You MUST be"
Checking amazon ranks, I find, is more likely to be depressing than uplifting. *g*
Heh. My friend Joshilyn is Warner Books' poster girl this spring. Here is her amusing take on the Amazon Stat Obsession overtaking her already precarious grip on sanity.


Just finished "Hammered" and I can't wait until June for more of the story. I am disabled and so read an average of 3 paperbacks a week and have done this for years. This book was one of the 5 very best I have read out of hundreds. (whats 3 times 52 times 10... oh never mind) probably The Very Best. I cannot adequately express my enjoyment of this book. Thanks for the incredibly good read.

Re: Wow!!

Thank you *so* much! You have made my entire day, I think--and, by the way, it's a pleasure to 'meet' you!